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Armed with unparallel passion for life and people, Mr. AK Mishra, the celebrated motivational speaker, visionary, author and a successful entrepreneur, fondly referred to as “Success Guru” has been inspiring thousands since past twenty years.

Dedicated to the mission of revolutionizing the thinking of youth, Success Guru AK Mishra : the pioneer of the famous ‘Art of Success Programme’ has been adding hope, meaning and substance in the lives of one and all. A firm believer in the philosophy of ‘right thoughts, right beliefs and right actions’, Success Guru AK Mishra has enabled thousands to attain their goal in their lives. The life story of this great visionary is itself a testimony of his immovable self belief and rock solid determination. Born to a middle class family in a non-descript village of Jharkhand, state of India, Success Guru AK Mishra never felt disadvantaged. Contrarily, he changed the way rural India perceive the ‘Civil Services Examination.’

While many of his students and followers have successfully cracked the Civil Services and other prestigious examinations; there are others from various fields who are inspired to do so with the help of his impactful seminars, books, quotes and blogs.

The sought after Success Guru AK Mishra is the Founder, Chairman & MD of the prestigious and renowned ‘Chanakya IAS Academy’ which with its ten centers all across India has been preparing young aspirants to excel in Civil Services Examination. The glorious record of the Academy which has been producing successful candidates year after year has propelled it to the elite club of one of the best options for Civil Services preparation today.

Success Guru AK Mishra continues to motivate and inspire thousands across the country and globe though his ‘Art of Success’ seminars where he blends scientific techniques with spirituality to instill ‘peak performance, personality traits among the attendees. Highly popular among students, teachers, corporate trainees/managers, parents etc. Success Guru AK Mishra maintains that the seminar is his laboratory and his interactions with the people are the experiments through which he has created principles to unleash one’s hidden potential.

Success Guru AK Mishra is the name of a phenomenon whose beauty lies in the simplicity through which he delivers a powerful message with great ease. (In the words of Success Guru himself the journey has just begun, yet there is a lot to be done.) A peak performance trainer Success Guru AK Mishra works as a catalyst, prodding individuals in the right state of management which include –managing mind, time, energy and human relationships by working consistently on mental, physical, social, emotional, financial and spiritual development. Success Guru AK Mishra is a man of extraordinary vision and powerful mission who has redefined the approach towards education in India.

A necessary link between people’s dream and realization, Success Guru AK Mishra has been mentoring lives and leading by example.
  You are a cruel Jailor of yourself due to your social conditionings. Your unlimited inborn potential is badly chained with a number of self limiting thoughts and inhibitions. Break them and see what wonders you can create.
– Success Guru AK Mishra
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